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Postnatal Yoga and Relaxation, Breastfeeding Counselling and Support and Baby Massage


Postnatal Yoga and relaxation Classes for women and their babies


I teach postnatal yoga and relaxation to women and their babies and these can be attended any time when you feel ready to start after your baby is six weeks old. They are very friendly small groups where you will share a lot in common with the other women attending, so the social aspect is just as important as the yoga which will help you get back into shape (not to mention the relaxation to bring a little calm in your sometimes hectic day!).


It is not necessary for you to have attended my prenatal yoga classes to come along to the Postnatal classes, and in case you are worried… the babies have a great time in the class as well!

If you are not sure the classes would be suitable for you or your baby, then please give me a ring so we can discuss your needs or worries.


Breast feeding counselling and support


In the first few weeks after your baby has been born I can offer Breastfeeding support to you by coming round to your home, sitting with you whilst you feed and helping you to become confident in establishing successful breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding is the most natural way to feed your baby; it is also an art and a skill that needs to be learnt by both of you. For some women and their baby, breastfeeding is fairly easy and straight forward, but for others there may be a few hiccups along the way and patience and perseverance is called for. I can help support you through those awkward early weeks and help you discover the satisfaction of successful breastfeeding.


I trained as a breastfeeding counsellor with The Active Birth Centre and have had four voracious breastfed children of my own.


Please contact me by e mail or phone to discuss cost of home visits.

Postnatal Yoga


Postnatal Yoga


Postnatal Yoga
Postnatal Yoga

Baby Massage

The benefits of massaging your baby are many. It can help with establishing a warm and positive relationship between you both, it can help you to gain confidence in handling and understanding your baby's needs and it gives you both a sense of pleasure and relaxation.


Baby massage can make a real difference by giving comfort, relief and reassurance to a baby when she is trying to cope with problems such as colic, teething, and sleep difficulties, and most babies just love it!


You can bring your baby along to a massage class from the age of four weeks but I am happy to visit you and your baby with view to showing you early massage / stroking techniques from when your baby is 5 to 7 days old.


Classes are offered at a local venue or privately in your own home with times to suit you.


Please contact me by e mail or phone to discuss cost of home visits.