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Prenatal yoga classes, Childbirth Education workshops/classes and Birth supporting


Prenatal Yoga/ Active Birth classes for women


I teach prenatal Yoga / Active Birth Classes to women in the mid Sussex area and these can be attended any time after the fourteen weeks pregnant mark.


Yoga is an ideal lifestyle choice for you as a pregnant woman; during pregnancy you become so much more aware of your body, your emotions, your surroundings and nutrition as well as becoming naturally more flexible.


Yoga can help ease pregnancy aches and emotional worries as well as prepare for the labour and any recovery after the birth of your baby. Attending a pregnancy yoga class also gives you the opportunity to meet other women in your area who are also having a baby around the same time as you.


I have many years experience and have taught hundreds of different women; therefore I have encountered most (but not all!) scenarios, situations and circumstances. I am very confident that I am able to give you the best possible care and advice when you attend any of my classes.


Please contact me by e mail or phone to discuss cost of home visits.


Prenatal Yoga









Childbirth preparation


I also offer childbirth preparation evenings to couples/women with (or without) a birth supporter. These are private, on a one to one basis in your own home, tailoring any sessions to suit your needs.


This has proven to be a popular way of receiving childbirth preparation sessions, as a private class enables you to spend time discussing, exploring and learning about the topics YOU want and need to learn and talk about.


One to one, tailored, classes are suitable for first time parents, couples wanting homebirths, nervous women expecting their second or third baby, and any couple that feels they will benefit from a more personal class at a time to suit them.


Please contact me by e mail or phone if you are interested in a tailored home visit.


I charge £45.00 for the first hour and £5.00 for every half hour after that. There is also a small extra charge for home visits beyond the Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill area. Each visit to you is preceded and followed with a phone call (no charge for the calls).


Birth supporting


As a birth supporter, I am privileged to be invited to witness and help at many births; this I do in a friend capacity, getting to know you and your family very well and offering my time, being available when you go into labour, or when you just need some more support towards the end of your pregnancy.


I still get excited and passionate about my work believing it is very important to encourage a woman, and her partner, to feel empowered, knowledgeable and positive about themselves, the labour and the birth of their baby.