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I am very fortunate to have taught a wonderful and diverse range of people, and our interaction has always been a vital part of our success. 

Here are some comments from previous and current participants.  Click here to read full comments.


Vikki made me realize, through yoga, how my mind and body are connected and that I had a choice how I approached the birth of my baby.


She is a very special teacher. I have been to other yoga classes but I was just doing the postures; there was no connection to my mind or my breath, Vikki has managed to awaken that in me.




Yoga is an essential in my hectic lifestyle.


Vikki brings a huge wealth of experience, warmth and fun to the whole experience.


I’d recommend that everyone try Yoga – it’s a prerequisite for people with busy lives.


Vikki’s warmth, experience and sense of fun makes sessions relaxing, enjoyable and rewarding.


Ante-natal Yoga with Vikki is a must for any mum-to-be! Five years on I still attend regular Yoga sessions benefiting from core strength, relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.


Sarah, Marketing Manager


I believe yoga is the best preparation for giving birth;


I felt prepared for my pregnancy and labour physically, mentally and emotionally;


I really enjoyed my labour with twins and I owe a great part of that to the good preparation I had in Vikki’s pre natal yoga classes.


Nancy and her twin boys


I can honestly recommend Vikki as a truly fantastic teacher who has the ability to get yoga into your soul.














Thank you so much for your support during the labour and birth, I am pretty certain that if it hadn’t been for your presence I would have ended up being transferred into hospital and demoralised again.


I know my husband found your presence a help and instead of feeling lost he was able to give me comfort and care.


This birth, at last, I was allowed to be truly myself and I can’t think of anything better than that.


Abbey and Zachery (fourth baby)


Postnatal yoga is fabulous.  I have really enjoyed doing yoga in such a welcoming and relaxed environment; I feel I have a bit of me time back when I am in a class and the physical benefits are amazing.


Lucy (Midwife) and Jasmine 4 months


Although there was a mix of abilities and experience in the class, there was no feeling of being a beginner - Vikki always gives gentle encouragement to everyone to work to their own level.


Since attending Vikki's classes I have become much more aware of my body's capabilities, and this has enabled me to use it more effectively in other, seemingly unrelated, activities such as cycling and horse-riding.


I am certainly a much happier, healthier and less-stressed person than I was when I started yoga with Vikki.


On a professional level I see many pregnant women who attend Vikki's antenatal yoga classes (and if they don't, I recommend that they do). The feedback that I get from these women is inevitability that they learnt more from Vikki than from antenatal teaching classes or from their midwives, and without exception they all benefit hugely from Vikki's knowledge and wisdom.


Mary-Jane, Homeopath & N.A.E.T Practitioner